• Javier Becerra


Warm Up - Upper / Lower

3 Rounds 1 x Body Blaster (Burpee, Pull-up, K2E) 10 x Squats 10 x Push-Ups 10 x Sit- Ups

For Time

20 Pullups 20 Push Press 95/65, 115/75RX+ 20 Situps 40 OH Lunges 45/25 plate* 800m Run or Row** 40 OH Lunges 20 Situps 20 Push Press 20 Pullups *20 per leg, Can sub Front Rack lunges for OH lunges **row 800m at some point in WOD if weather doesn't permit Run

NO GEAR WORKOUTS aka Home Workouts

Prison Burpees


Stand in one corner of the room- Do 20 burpees. Now run to the other corner of the room, and do 19 Burpees. Run to another corner and do 18. Repeat the pattern until you reach 1 Burpee. Rest as needed throughout. Goal = 15 minutes. Tag Us on Instagram if you do it.

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WARM-UP Run or Row 400 meters 10 Jumping Jacks 10 Arm Circles (both directions) 10 Push-Ups 10 Arms Across the Chest 6 Ring Dips 8 Ring Rows 10 Lunges w/ Twist 15 Sit-Ups :60 Jump RopeM METCON Row

SKILLS 11 minutes to work on Double Unders FUNCTIONAL BODYBUILDING 1a.) Front Squat 5x 10,8,6,6,6 (2 sec Tempo) 1b.) Straight into 10 Air Squats ( 3 sec Tempo) 2a.) Barbell Bulgarian Split Squats 4x 8

WARM UP Mobility 3 sets 100m Run 12/12 Leg Swings 10 Barbell behind the neck push press in grip 10 Barbell deadlifts in snatch grip Review Snatch METCON Every 3 minutes x 5 sets 15 Jump Squats 200m S